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My friend uploaded this already but I wanted to post on my own blog XDD I put my phone up just hoping someone would take it and low and behold my bias of BTOB Changseob saw it and took it from my hand. Well i already had it open to the picture window and he was looking at my phone like it was the first time he was seeing one LOOL DUMBBB. ^__^ then he looked at me, scrunched up his face in a “I don’t know what to do” kinda way. So I looked at him and said just press the button and pointed to it. Then he crouched down changed the view to the front and tried to take a pic with all of us but as you all can tell it came out blurry cause he didn’t stay still hahaha XDDD He gave me back my phone and smiled AND THEN I PROCEEDED TO DIEEEEEEEEE. He was the cutest and I will make a full account tomorrow if anyone is interested… Got touched by so many I CRY

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